Web Single Sign-on Solution

Web Single Sign-On (Web SSO) or some vendors call it Access Manager is the other component of Identity Life-cycle management. Web SSO main role are:

  • Centralize Single Web Authentication. Web SSO take over individual native application authentication. With Web SSO old fashion user experience where user must perform multiple authentication to access multiple web authentication, will be transformed to only one authentication. With Web SSO user only need to remember one username and password only make their day much easier.
  • Centralize Web Access Control. With Web SSO, we can control who can access what web resources from one console.
  • Centralized access audit trail. With Web SSO, we can centrally collect information on what user access on applications.

LENTICE has extensive experience implementing Web SSO systems in large organizations. Our Web SSO portfolio such as implementing Oracle Access Manager in Telco and Finance company to manage the following web applications:

  • Amdocs Customer Management
  • MS SharePoint Portal
  • EMC Documentum
  • Misys Trade Finance
  • Aprisma PRIMECASH

LENTICE is able to develop custom Web SSO agent that can be integrated with Web SSO solution.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan hubungi kami di info@lentice.com