Security Life-cycle Management Solution

One of the biggest challenges in Information Security is how to measure organization security level and measure implemented security control effectiveness. These two measures are very important in Risk Management. By measuring these, we will be able to:

  • Understand real potential security risk and focusing effort on this risk
  • Prevent unnecessary security product investment

Lentice provides solution to achieve these objectives. Our Security Life-cycle Management solution will do it by:

  • Manage organization critical assets information from security perspective
  • Mapping existing security control protecting organization critical assets
  • Discover asset vulnerability (by leveraging existing VMS) and manage remediation process
  • Consolidate security attacks reported manually or by SIEM tool
  • Manage security incident handling process: Reporting, Triage, Analysis, Action (Containment, Eradication, Recovery), Archiving
  • Report and manage repeated security incident (Security Problem)
  • Monitor and Report Organization Security Level and Existing Control Effectiveness

We have implemented this solution in one of our customer as part of our Security Operation Center (SOC) services.

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