User Provisioning

User Provisioning (UP) or some vendors call it Identity Manager is the key foundation of Identity Life-cycle management. UP main role are:

  • Linking up managed application user repository with HR system (trusted source) data to ensure that identity information in both systems are sync and role are properly entitled.
  • Automatic identity creation, update and deletion according to organization business process and security policy.
  • Centralized portal for application account access and approval, password reset and identity information.
  • Centralized portal for identity life-cycle audit, account and role attestation

LENTICE has extensive experience implementing UP systems in large organizations. Our UP portfolio such as implementing Oracle Identity Manager in a Telco company that has:

  • Three (3) trusted sources; one for permanent employee (SAP HR), one for outsourced employee and one for 3rd party.
  • More than one thousands target systems, such as SAP, RBM, Geneva, SIEBEL, HLR Ericsson, IN SDP, MS Exchange, MS AD, Solaris, Linux, AIX, etc.

We have long list of custom UP Java connectors that are ready to configure according to customer environment. Please click here for list of our Provisioning Connector.