LENTICE provides range of strategic Information security solutions and services to ensure our customers security, compliances and operational efficiency. Since 2009, LENTICE has been successfully delivering complex Identity Management (IDM) and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) to some of big Telecommunication, Finance and Government organisation in Indonesia. The key to our successful projects are our proven implementation methodology, highly skillful and experiences consultants as well as out-of-the-box connectors and tools that are critically important to ensure smooth and rapid implementation.

  User Provisioning Solution

User Provisioning (UP) or some vendors call it Identity Manager is the key foundation of Identity Life-cycle management. UP main role are:

  • Linking up managed application user repository with HR system (trusted source) data to ensure that identity information in both systems are sync and role are properly entitled.
  • Automatic identity creation, update and deletion according to organisation business process and security policy.
  • Centralized portal for application account access and approval, password reset and identity information.
  • Centralized portal for identity life-cycle audit, account and role attestation

  Web Single Sign-on Solution

Web Single Sign-On (Web SSO) or some vendors call it Access Manager is the other component of Identity Life-cycle management. Web SSO main role are:

  • Centralize Single Web Authentication. Web SSO take over individual native application authentication. With Web SSO old fashion user experience where user must perform multiple authentication to access multiple web authentication, will be transformed to only one authentication. With Web SSO user only need to remember one username and password only make their day much easier.
  • Centralize Web Access Control. With Web SSO, we can control who can access what web resources from one console.
  • Centralized access audit trail. With Web SSO, we can centrally collect information on what user access on applications.

  Privileged Account Management Solution

Privileged Account Management (PAM) or some other vendor call it PIM (Privileged Identity Management) is the other component of Identity Life-cycle management with main purpose to securing privileged account password in critical systems. PAM main role are:

  • Take over manual privileged account password management from administrator, periodically change and securely store it in a password vault.
  • Providing web portal for administrator or operator request and approve access to managed system privileged password
  • Providing secure session access for administrator terminal to managed system console, including to record administrator session and limit command he can execute on target systems
  • Providing centralize audit information of administrative access on target system, including playback session recording

  Security Information & Event Management Solution

Security Information & Event management (SIEM) is a powerful system to detect attack, hidden in thousands per second event logs. SIEM does this by:

  • Collecting and consolidating logs from various systems (i.e. Firewall, IPS, Anti Malware, UNIX, Windows, Linux, Applications, Database, etc.)
  • Normalizing logs into single format
  • Enriching normalized event with critical risk management information
  • Correlate events to detect attack
  • Alert Security Team on detected attack
  • Store attack events data and generate historical events reporting

  Security Life-cycle Management Solution

One of the biggest challenges in Information Security is how to measure organisation security level and measure implemented security control effectiveness. These two measures are very important in Risk Management. By measuring these, we will be able to:

  • Understand real potential security risk and focusing effort on this risk
  • Prevent unnecessary security product investment