LENTICE Custom Connector for HP ArcSight ESM

We have developed fully functional connector for HP ArcSight ESM that is currently running in our customers. Our connector will allow HP ArcSight ESM to collect and receive log from systems that are currently not supported by HP ArcSight ESM.

Following are list of our HP ArcSight ESM custom connectors:

# Application Name
1 Antena Integreted Radio
2 Business Object
4 Checkpoint Firewall
5 Cisco ASA (VPN)
6 Cisco IronPort (Mail and Web Gateway)
7 Cisco Prime
8 Comptel Eventlink
9 Comptel Reporter
10 Databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL)
11 F5
12 Fraud Management System
13 Fortinet Fortigate
15 Geneva 5.1
16 HLR Ericsson
17 HLR Huawei
18 Oracle Siebel
19 IBM Guardium
20 IN-SDP (Ericsson Intelligent Network)
21 Redknee Interconnect Billing
22 McAfee VMS
23 MS Active Directory
24 Netscreen
25 Operating Systems (HP-UX, AIX, Linux, Unix, Windows, Solaris)
26 Oracle IDM
27 PRM
28 Quest PAM
29 Radius
30 RBM (Geneva 5.2)
31 Risk Management Solution
32 SAP
33 Intelegent Network System (Ericsson)
34 Symantec Endpoint Protection
35 IBM Enterprise Planning Software
36 WIPS(Wireless IPS/IDS)

Beside that out-of-the-box connector, we are also able to develop custom connector for other applications you may need to integrate with HP ArcSight ESM.

For further information, please contact us at info@lentice.com