LENTICE provides critical security software that support IDM and SIEM implementation as well as managing overall security life-cycle. We offers IDM and SIEM connectors for various vendor products, Web Based Self-service Password Reset and Security Life-cycle Management systems.

  LENTICE Custom Connector for Oracle Identity & Access Manager

We have developed fully functional connector for Oracle Identity Manager that is currently running in our customers. There are three types of Oracle Identity Manager Connector that we provide

  LENTICE Custom Connector for HP ArcSight ESM

We have developed fully functional connector for HP ArcSight ESM that is currently running in our customers. Our connector will allow HP ArcSight ESM to collect and receive log from systems that are currently not supported by HP ArcSight ESM.

  LENTICE Enterprise Password Reset

Enterprise Password Reset is a web application that is designed to solve day-to-day password management issue. Our simple and easy to use design interface will help user easily self-reset their forgotten application password, without contacting helpdesk.

  LENTICE Single Sign On

Web SSO take over individual native application authentication. With Web SSO old fashion user experience where user must perform multiple authentication to access multiple web authentication, will be transformed to only one authentication. With Web SSO user only need to remember one username and password only make their day much easier.

  LENTICE Identity Management

Identity Management System provides complete end-to-end user identity life-cycle management from hiring, transferred, until termination. Synchronized and reconciled with an organisation identity authoritative source system (such as HR system), IDM fully control user creation, entitlement and deletion of user account, including centralize authentication, authorization and audit of user access, and single-sign on to various IT systems and applications.

  LENTICE Security Life-cycle Management

One of the biggest challenges in Information Security is how to measure organization security level and measure implemented security control effectiveness. These two measures are very important in Risk Management.