There are two dilemmatic conditions we find in IT Industry right now; candidate has difficulty to get a job, while at the same time company has difficulty to hire a good employee. The reason for this gap is because the candidate does not have a necessary skill and experience required to work as good IT personnel. He/she must be equipped with necessary critical skill and actual industrial experience that are almost impossible to get at the university or self-studied.

As a long time player in IT Industry, we fully understand how to fill the gap. Our Applied Training is uniquely designed to effectively and efficiently build those critical skills and provide candidate with necessary real world experience that is needed to work as a good IT personnel. By completing our Applied Training program, a candidate will have significant key differentiators from other candidate that will enable him to easily get his dream job.

Right now, we provide four Applied Training program:

  • JAVA Developer
  • Oracle Database Administrator
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • PHP Developer

Why choosing our Applied Training:

  • Uniquely Designed Training Content. Our training content is specifically designed by our IT expert to be able to rapidly developed critical skill required in IT industry
  • Expert and Industrial Experienced Trainer. Our trainer is an expert in his IT focus area and has years of experience developing and maintaining critical applications in Telco, Finance and Government organizations.
  • LAB that Mimics Real IT Data Center. Our LAB is fully equipped with sophisticated IT Data Center facilities that replicate real customer IT data center.
  • Real Project Experience. You may have the skill but you are still weak candidate without real project experiences. By joining our training program, you are offered to join our project. By completing your assignment, you are entitled to our reference letter you can declare as your project experience.

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